Date: 28-06-2019 Auteur: Ismaël MAMADOU

2019 JCI World Congress : Pure Magic!

Imagine there is Pure Magic that transforms one of your dreams to life this year? We asked all the participants to share their dreams with us. And we promised to make 3 people’s dreams (registered during Early Bird) come true during JCI World Congress 2019 in Estonia. Estonia is a land of #PureMagic after all! MY PURE MAGIC YEAR CAMPAIGN WINNERS ARE: - Meeting unicorns and magic fairies. 2# Sabine Steinert JCI Fürth, Germany - Free foot massage every day. 1# Claudia Chinello JCI Switzerland - I would like to get a chance to drive a rally car or a formula one car. 3# Henri Ahlqvist JCI Vihti Finland